Unforgettable Persimmon Warmth

I sit on my pink and white fake tiled bathroom floor  soaking in the heat of my Thermador wall heater. The warmth of copper coils, of my newly grouted bathtub, of the dinner guests at P’s earlier tonight, of a spontaneous raw Persimmon banana ginger mousse, of a few bites of P’s tasty vegan stew- with no fake vegan meats.  

One of the dinner guests mentioned that Christmas is not about a religion but about the warmth that is expressed and I agree we all agreed.


Unforgettable Persimmon Mousse


1 1/2 cups assortment of raw walnuts, almonds, pecans (soak for 2 or more hrs, let dry out)

1 tbsp raw virgin coconut oil

6-8 dates soaked in 3/4 cup purified water for 2 hrs (will use the left over date water for the filling)

capful of vanilla

pinch of salt

In a vitamix or good blender blend the nuts together. Add the melted coconut oil, vanilla, and salt. Then add the dates one to two at a time until crust sticks together nicely. Grease a 9X9 glass pan with coconut oil press the nutty crust into the bottom of the pan. Put into freezer while you make the filling.


3 ripe persimmon

1 bananna

2 cups raw cashews ( soaked for at least 2 hrs)

1/2 cup raw virgin room tempature coconut oil (1/4 cup if you want to limit the flavor of coconut)

Cinammon to taste ( at least 5 shakes of ground cinammon)

2 tsp raw honey

1/3 cup date juice (left over from the soaking dates)

1tsp- 1tbsp (to taste) of fresh grated ginger

2 capfuls vanilla

1 dry vanilla bean

Blend all of the ingredients together except the vanilla bean. Blend until smooth. make any necessary spice additions. Pour filling over chilled nut crust. Grate the dried vanilla bean over the smoothed over mousse. Chill infreezer for 1 hr. The longer you freeze it the firmer it will get. This could become like an ice cream cake.

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