Liat’s Tailfeather Designs

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What was your background leading up to Tail Feather Designs? I was making feather earrings for myself and girls would come up to me offering to buy them off my ears… So I started expanding my designs and vision. Soon after I was offered a booth at the d&a show in LA, and less than a week later I designed a collection and my good friend, designer Stu Smith, created my logo and website it was an amazing team effort and we pulled it off just in time for the show- which was hugely successful!

Why did you decide to start making jewelry? I had just moved to Venice beach to open up our LA office for my conscious marketing company I started making feather earrings as a hobby and a creative outlet from the events and marketing world in which I was immersed in. It gave me a chance to go “inward” and reflect silently which was a nice change.

Did you have any fears when making this transition into jewelry making and if so how did you deal with them? No fear at all. Its all pretty much unfolded seamlessly which proves that it’s meant to be and it’s in the flow.

What is the inspiration for your jewelry? I was inspired by a pair of feather earrings that someone gifted me at burning man years ago. I was touched by the gift but the pair broke, so I wanted to make a new pair and also one for the girl who gifted me. Tailfeather designs was always inspired by gifting and giving. Its about creating unique pieces that are blessed and meditated on so that the person wearing them feels the love.

Could you tell me about how you source your materials, especially your feathers? Feathers are sourced from a few different native American bird farms. When certain birds mate their Tailfeathers naturally shed. The feathers are blessed and then sent to me. The hardware is infused crystals and gems that are gold or silver trimmed.

What is special/different about your latest collection? I just finished the third collection. The first collection which is all on the website, inspired the second collection in which the pieces are similar quality but all the feathers are interchangeable giving each piece versatility and options. My last collection, also on the website, the Maui collection was all inspired by the one-of-a kind pieces I was making abc selling at the craft and farmers market here in Maui where I currently live. The price point is more affordable $30-$80 and the pieces are very unique and beautiful.

How has starting this business changed your life? It has gotten my creative juices really flowing, having worked in marketing for so many years, I always dreamed of marketing my own product. Designing and creating had made me explore so many other sides to myself and has led me to meet my soul mate and partner.

What other things in life light you up? I love art and traveling. And live for snowboarding! I have been snorkeling lately which is a very fun exercise. And of course all the amazing inspiring friends and family that inspire me every day.

What are you most grateful for in your life right now? I am grateful for the people in my life. My partner Blake has been such a huge support and inspiration. We are expecting our first child so i am grateful for that of course. I am also blessed to have such amazing women in my life that have also been so helpful supportive and amazing.

What is the most important piece of advice you could give to someone who wants to start their own craft based business? Start out as a hobby, if you truly enjoy it and it’s in the flow it will naturally evolve into a success. If there are many roadblocks and it’s a bumpy process, take a step back and remember why you started doing it in the first place.

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