Tribe Tonic intends to facilitate personal transformation and community building.  Day to day contact with our environments, experiences of the past, and dreams combine to form an alchemical interaction called the present.  This “contact alchemy” is a realization of the modern day quest to connect all that one sees, feels, and experiences to a personal transformation~ reflected in ones community, earth, and cosmos seen and unseen.  Tribe Tonic wishes to share flaming pearls of wisdom, humorous happenings, active stands, spirited juicy kernels of life, connections to the natural world, relationships to people, works of art, philosophy, film, images, nature, music, books, food, rural villages, urban environments; and looks for opportunities to lift the veil and can only hope that this will emerge as an artful tonic, an elixer of inspiration.
Because this blog is about community Tribe Tonic will consider any submissions you may like to post.  Please email any ideas, suggestions, essays, fictional stories, pop alchemy reviews, poems, photos of works of art, recipes, etc to tribetonic@gmail.com 

Shiloh Levine

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