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Holding Back the Sea- Houkje Ross

Are You Trying to Hold Back the Sea? Lately, I’ve been a bit sad. A relationship that I thought was blossoming is now ending. I’ve been feeling a bit overcast… like a typical Dutch day. My mother is from the … Continue reading

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Liat’s Tailfeather Designs

What was your background leading up to Tail Feather Designs? I was making feather earrings for myself and girls would come up to me offering to buy them off my ears… So I started expanding my designs and vision. Soon … Continue reading

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My Mother is a Hiker – Houkje Ross

Last summer, I quit my job. I lingered there for 3 years, and knew from the beginning it wasn’t really the right fit for me. But I kept telling myself it is a good job, a great opportunity to work … Continue reading

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Drumfish- Be Inspired to Begin (music)

The bombardment and seduction of slick and glamorous illusory images and the mostly scripted “reality” tv, in our fame culture, almost make a person, especially a young person, feel as if fame is the only valuable measure of success. So … Continue reading

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Natural Remedies for Seasonal Ailments

Many people I know are either in the midst of a contagious cough, common cold, flu, or fever or just getting over it. To maintain your immunity through this season one of my favorite options is olive leaf extract which … Continue reading

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The Story of Cosmetics (not just for women)

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Sweet Junkyard Minnesota Pine

                I know people that would rather eat raw eggs than participate in the commercialism and trappings of Christmas.  The complaints range anywhere from it’s a consumer holiday, Coca- Cola invented Santa Claus to what does a Christmas tree have … Continue reading

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The September Issue (documentary)

  Welcome to the first installment of my monthly inspired recommendations.  If you haven’t seen The September Issue by director R.J. Cutler, a documentary which largely follows the lives of Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, and creative director at Vogue, Grace … Continue reading

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Ojai Revelations

Sometimes ancestral wisdom drops in through a gentle conversation on a mountaintop. This weekend I went to the Ojai Foundation in Ojai California for Council II training. Twenty-seven people gathered to tell stories from the heart, in a circle, holding … Continue reading

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Unforgettable Persimmon Warmth

I sit on my pink and white fake tiled bathroom floor  soaking in the heat of my Thermador wall heater. The warmth of copper coils, of my newly grouted bathtub, of the dinner guests at P’s earlier tonight, of a spontaneous raw Persimmon banana … Continue reading

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