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Holding Back the Sea- Houkje Ross

Are You Trying to Hold Back the Sea? Lately, I’ve been a bit sad. A relationship that I thought was blossoming is now ending. I’ve been feeling a bit overcast… like a typical Dutch day. My mother is from the … Continue reading

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My Mother is a Hiker – Houkje Ross

Last summer, I quit my job. I lingered there for 3 years, and knew from the beginning it wasn’t really the right fit for me. But I kept telling myself it is a good job, a great opportunity to work … Continue reading

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Drumfish- Be Inspired to Begin (music)

The bombardment and seduction of slick and glamorous illusory images and the mostly scripted “reality” tv, in our fame culture, almost make a person, especially a young person, feel as if fame is the only valuable measure of success. So … Continue reading

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Sweet Junkyard Minnesota Pine

                I know people that would rather eat raw eggs than participate in the commercialism and trappings of Christmas.  The complaints range anywhere from it’s a consumer holiday, Coca- Cola invented Santa Claus to what does a Christmas tree have … Continue reading

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The September Issue (documentary)

  Welcome to the first installment of my monthly inspired recommendations.  If you haven’t seen The September Issue by director R.J. Cutler, a documentary which largely follows the lives of Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, and creative director at Vogue, Grace … Continue reading

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Ojai Revelations

Sometimes ancestral wisdom drops in through a gentle conversation on a mountaintop. This weekend I went to the Ojai Foundation in Ojai California for Council II training. Twenty-seven people gathered to tell stories from the heart, in a circle, holding … Continue reading

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Let’s Do Launch

Out of a need to express my thoughts, which often move in multiple directions at once, I have created this space so that I may experience a traceable understanding of life.  Through the process of sharing my understanding, I hope … Continue reading

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